AAMA 711 - What Does It Mean?

AAMA 711 - What Does It Mean?

AAMA 711 is a voluntary specification outlined by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) to establish the test methods and minimum performance requirements for self-adhering flashing products used in the installation of exterior fenestration products. AAMA adopted the guidelines specified by the International Code Council's ICC-ES AC148 as the parameters of whether a flashing product is in compliance with AAMA 711.

That's pretty technical stuff.

In layman's terms, the building industry needed to set some guidelines on what is expected of the window flashing tapes used to waterproof around windows. Does it leak? Will it stick? How strong is it? Can you drive a nail through it with no damaging effects? These are the types of performance characteristics that are outlined in ICC-ES AC148.

What Does It Mean to You?

The answer - Piece of Mind. Window flashing tapes that comply with AAMA 711 ensure that they will perform to the standards established by the building industry. When properly installed, these window flashing tapes will keep moisture, water, air, noise and insects from infiltrating into the building structure. No infiltration equals no water damage, no premature rot, no mold and no headaches down the road.

So, if you are an architect, a builder or the building owner, opting for a window flashing tape that complies with AAMA 711 is a move that will pay off in the future.

MFM Building Products Offer AAMA 711 Compliant Window Flashing Tapes

MFM is pleased that three of our window flashing tapes comply with AAMA 711 through independent, third-party testing. These products include WinodwWrap® PSX-20, WindowWrap® PowerBond™ and WindowWrap® White.

Each of these three products are 25 mils thickness, self-adhering and self-sealing around fasteners to create a waterproof bond. WindowWrap® PSX-20 is a patented, aluminized polymer film tape that has a UV exposure of 180 days. WindowWrap® PowerBond™ has the same composition, but features a patented PowerBond™ adhesive system to aggressively adhere in temperatures as low as 25°F (-4°C). WindowWrap® White is a multi-purpose tape with a white polymer surface.

For more information on MFM window flashing tapes, including Installation Instructions, Approvals, Warranty and Technical Data - or if you want a FREE sample, please call 800-882-7663 or visit www.mfmbp.com.