Peel & Seal PowerBond White 250 Retail Packaging

Peel & Seal® PowerBond™ White 250 Retail Packaging

MFM now only produces Peel & Seal® PowerBond™ White 250 in shrink-wrapped and labeled retail rolls. Previously, MFM offered the product in contractor cartons. These rolls increase customer awareness and shelf visibility, leading to increased sales. Each roll label features English, Latin American Spanish and French Canadian text and instructions.

Peel & Seal® PowerBond™ White 250 Shrink-Wrapped Product Offerings:

  • Item 56606 - 6" x 50' Rolls (6 rolls per carton)
  • Item 56604 - 4" x 50' Rolls (9 rolls per carton)

Peel & Seal® PowerBond White 250 is a 25-mil, multipurpose waterproofing tape that can be left exposed to the elements indefinitely. Uses include sealing seams on insulated aluminum panels and all general waterproofing needs. It can be used to patch EPDM roof systems when utilizing an MFM-approved EPDM primer.

Please contact your local MFM Sales Representative or MFM Customer Service at 800-882-7663 for pricing.