MFM PowerBond™ Adhesive Advantages Over Butyl-Based Adhesives

MFM PowerBond™ Adhesive Advantages Over Butyl-Based Adhesives

In the world of "Self-Adhering" waterproofing membranes, there are basically two predominant adhesive systems that offer BOTH "self-stick" and "self-sealing" characteristics: Modified Asphalt/SBS systems and Butyl systems.

SBS adhesives offer an excellent temperature range, but do not adhere as aggressively in cold weather applications. The cost of SBS is significantly lower than butyl making it the most common adhesive type in the market. In terms of Butyl systems, the biggest advantage is that they are good for cold weather installations. However, the high cost of butyl often makes it cost-prohibited.

Development of the MFM PowerBond™ Adhesive System

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MFM set out to find a solution which would combine the properties of both SBS and Butyl into one adhesive system. Through the efforts of Mike Wright, MFM Production Manager, and Whit Croft, MFM Technical Services Manager, they developed the PowerBond™ adhesive system.

PowerBond™ is considered a hybrid adhesive system that is formulated with a patented, two-part system that compares favorably when compared to butyl. The product was filed with the US Patent Office in 2009 and was awarded US Patent No. 8,603,629 in 2013.

PowerBond™ Versus Butyl 

  • PowerBond™ products can be installed at temperatures as low as 25°F (-4°C). Most butyl products are recommended to be installed in temperatures between 25°F and 30°F (-4°C and -1°C).
  • PowerBond™ offers the ability to aggressively adhere in cold temperatures, as well as at elevated temperatures with minimal risk of the mastic slumping or running. Butyl based products can become extremely soft in higher temperatures, which causes them to slump or even seep out.
  • PowerBond™ offers a significant price savings over butyl products. The cost difference for the same performance makes PowerBond a smarter choice.
  • PowerBond™ products come with an extended 15-year warranty. Most advertised butyl warranties are 10-Year.
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MFM Products that have PowerBond™ Adhesive

  • Peel & Seal® PowerBond™ White (flashing membrane)
  • Peel & Seal® PowerBond™ White 250 (flashing membrane)
  • WindowWrap® PowerBond™ (window flashing tape)
  • WindowWrap® Flex PowerBond™ (window flashing tape)

If you are interested in learning more about the PowerBond™ Adhesive System, please contact your local MFM Sales Representative or contact MFM Technical Services at 800-882-7663.