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WindowWrap® PowerBond™ is a leading edge, 25 mil self-adhering waterproofing tape that features an exclusive, patented* PowerBond™ adhesive system to aggressively adhere in temperatures as low as 25°F.

Designed for use around windows, doors, building seams and general construction. It is composed of a silver polymer film that is coated with aggressive PowerBond™ Adhesion Technology. This advanced system prevents damage caused by water and moisture penetration.

  • Silver polymer film is coated with an aggressive PowerBond™ adhesive system to adhere in temperatures as low as 25°F

  • Advanced tape system bonds to all common window and building materials for a watertight seal

  • Prevents water, air, insect and noise infiltration to prevent the potential of mold or mildew formation

  • Self-seals around punctures, nails and mechanical fasteners

  • Easy to remove release liner for quick installation

  • May be left exposed for 180 days

  • The PowerBond™ adhesive will not crack or dry-out

WindowWrap® PowerBond™ application uses include:

  • Flashing on the window sill to protect against moisture penetration

  • Flash window flanges to the building wall in new and remodeling construction

  • Seal around doors, under siding, exterior plaster, sill plates and wall joints

WindowWrap® PowerBond™ is available in both contractor packs and shrink-wrapped/labeled rolls for individual sale.

WindowWrap® is protected by US Patent Nos. 6,479,119 and 6,627,017. PowerBond is protected by US Patent No. 8,603,629. Comes with a 15-Year Warranty.

windowwrap® powerbond™ Approvals

  • ICC-ES ESR 2783

  • Complies with AAMA 711-07

WindowWrap® PowerBond™

ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
WindowWrap PowerBond4411818” x 100’255 lbs
4411212” x 100’355 lbs
441099” x 100’455 lbs
441066” x 100’655 lbs
441044” x 100’955 lbs
441033” x 100’1255 lbs

WindowWrap® PowerBond™ 18”, 12” and 3” are one pallet minimum order products.


ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
WindowWrap PowerBond Shrink Wrapped4414512” x 100’355 lbs
441449” x 100’455 lbs
441436” x 100’655 lbs
441424” x 100’955 lbs

WindowWrap® PowerBond™ Shrink Wrapped 12” and 9” are one pallet minimum order products.