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WindowWrap® PSX-20 is a patented, self-adhering 25 mil waterproofing flashing tape constructed of a tough, aluminized, multi-layer polymer film. It is coated with a specially formulated rubberized asphalt to stand up to UV exposure.

WindowWrap® PSX-20 effectively stops water leaks around windows and doors while reducing outdoor noise and air infiltration.  The aggressive adhesive securely bonds the window flange to the exterior wall, and the rubberized asphalt self-seals around nails and staples.

Product Features

  • Silver polymer construction resists exposure to ultraviolet rays and may be left exposed for 180 days

  • Aggressive Broad Temperature Spectrum (BTS) adhesive adheres to common window and building materials and remains flexible in low temperatures

  • Thin, flexible and self-seals around fasteners

  • Excellent flashing around windows, doors, joints, vents and other exterior openings

  • Can be used under wood or vinyl siding, brick and stucco or as a weatherproof barrier for ACQ lumber

  • Removable release liner for fast and easy installation

  • Saves time, material, labor and utility costs

WindowWrap® PSX-20 offers convenient width choices and is available both in contractor boxes or individually wrapped and labeled rolls for retail sale. 10-Year Limited Warranty.

WindowWrap® PSX-20 complies with AAMA 711-07 as specified in ICC-ES AC148 (02-11). ICC-ES ESR 2783.

WindowWrap® is protected by US Patent Nos. 6,479,119 and 6,627,017.

windowwrap® Approvals

  • ICC-ES ESR 2783

  • Complies with AAMA 711-07

WindowWrap® PSX-20 contractor cartons

ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
WindowWrap PSX-2045W1212” x 100’355 lbs
45W099” x 100’455 lbs
45W066” x 100’655 lbs
45W044” x 100’955 lbs
45W033” x 100’1255 lbs

Contractor Cartons

WindowWrap® PSX-20 contractor cartons contain individual rolls that are unwrapped for less waste on the job site. Packaged in a durable cardboard box that is 8” x 8” x 36-1/4”.

WindowWrap® PSX-20 Shrink-Wrapped

ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
WindowWrap PSX-20 Shrink Wrapped459999” x 100’455 lbs
459966” x 100’655 lbs
459944” x 100’955 lbs

WindowWrap® Singles

ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
WindowWrap PSX-20 Singles45WW44” x 67’1249 lbs