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SubSeal-60™ is a prefabricated, 60-mil self adhering sheet-type waterproofing membrane. It is composed of a tough multi-layer high-strength polymer film that is coated with a layer of specially formulated rubberized asphalt adhesive. A release liner protects the asphalt and is removed as the membrane is installed. Mastic selvedge on both edges for improved sealing.

SubSeal-60™ is designed for Extreme Moisture Protection

SubSeal-60 is engineered to be a multipurpose waterproofing sheet suitable for above and below grade, as well as vertical or horizontal applications. Intended uses include:

  • Foundation walls
  • Through-wall flashings
  • Plaza and balcony decks
  • Parking garages
  • Sills, pot shelves, pony walls and parapets
  • Floor and planter structures
  • Under stucco
  • Sealing SIPS building panels or DensGlass®
  • Around windows and door frames

subseal™ Approvals

  • ASTM D 1970
  • ICC-ES ESR 2783 (AC148)
  • ICC-ES ESR 3980 (AC38)
  • Complies with AAMA 711-13

SubSeal-60 adheres aggressively to most clean, dry substrates including metal, wood vinyl and masonry. It is self-sealing around fasteners to prevent water penetration. The special waterproofing adhesive has a broad temperature range allowing installation in cold weather.  

SubSeal-60 carries a 10-Year Limited Warranty.


ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
SubSeal-6051S6037” x 60’172 lbs
51S1212” x 60’372 lbs
MFM SubSeal-60™

Roll Size: 37" x 60' (1 Roll/Carton)