MFM Awarded Safety Awards

MFM Awarded with Safety Awards

MFM Building Products was honored by the Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce and the State of Ohio's Bureau of Worker's Compensation with the following Safety Council Awards for 2017:

Group Award:  Awarded to the lowest safety incident rate in each business group
100% Award:  Zero injuries or illnesses resulting in a day or more away from work
Achievement Award:  25% reduction in incident rate from the previous year

We want to thank all of our employees for their attentiveness to safety while working on the job!

What is the Safety Council?
Working in conjunction with the Bureau of Worker's Compensation's Division of Safety & Hygiene, the Safety Council present safety awards throughout Ohio to promote greater interest in the prevention of occupational accidents. Members with the highest safety records are honored at an annual awards event. The Safety Council campaign is open to all companies, corporations and employers in the State of Ohio.