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FutureFlash® is a 25 mil or 40 mil, mechanically-attached, prefabricated waterproofing membrane designed for use around windows and doors, under stucco and other exterior wall systems.

The product may be used to strip in the flanges of wood, metal and vinyl windows or as a flashing wherever a uniform, dependable waterproofing barrier is required. FutureFlash® is constructed of two high-performance films with a core of specially formulated rubberized asphalt sandwiched between them. The polyethylene film is tough and resistant to tear. The polyester film adds dimensional stability to the product.

The FutureFlash® System uses a combination of the FutureFlash® waterproofing membranes and FutureFlash® Sealant. By utilizing all aspects of the system, it provides an effective barrier against moisture penetration. FutureFlash® Sealant is a high quality, polyurethane caulk that has been specially formulated to aggressively bond to the membranes, as well as adjoining building materials. 

FutureFlash® is engineered to be the strongest, most dependable waterproofing system available to withstand extreme jobsite conditions.

FutureFlash® Features

  • Maximum waterproofing around windows and doors

  • Economical leak prevention system - ties windows and doors into the building system

  • Rubberized core self-seals around mechanical fasteners

  • Resists water and wind damage before and after stucco is installed

  • Unique "weep" characteristics allow structure to breath

  • Will not wick moisture like fiber reinforced products

  • Extremely strong - resists tearing under extreme conditions

  • Highly flexible and elongation properties

  • Film backing eliminates any potential odors

  • Ideal for new or remodeling construction projects

  • 10-Year Warranty when using FutureFlash® Sealant

futureflash® Approvals

  • ICC-ES ESR 2783

  • Uniform Building Code Section #1 707(b)



ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
FutureFlash 25 Mil4203636” x 75’141 lbs
4201818” x 75’241 lbs
4201212” x 75’341 lbs
420099” x 75’441 lbs
420066” x 75’641 lbs
420033” x 75’1241 lbs
FutureFlash 40 Mil4241818” x 75’260 lbs
4241212” x 75’360 lbs
424099” x 75’460 lbs

FutureFlash® 3", 6", and FutureFlash® 40 Mil are one pallet minimum order products.