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WindowWrap® Butyl is a 25 mil self-adhering, self-sealing waterproofing tape for windows, doors and building joints.

WindowWrap® Butyl will prevent water leaks, air infiltration and reduce noise. This self-adhering membrane features a tough polymer film coated with an adhesive butyl rubber that remains aggressive throughout a broad temperature range.

  • Butyl-based adhesive which adheres to most window and building materials including plywood, OSB, housewrap, concrete and most metals

  • Self-seals around nails and other types of mechanical fasteners

  • Provides long-term, weathertight seal to prevent moisture, vapor and air penetration

  • Flexible at low temperatures and stays pliable to maintain a tight seal

  • Easy to remove release liner for fast, simple installation

  • Saves time, material, labor and utility costs

WindowWrap® Butyl has many intended uses including:

  • Beneath primary siding as a backup waterproofing system

  • To flash around windows and doors in new or remodeling construction

  • To seal joints, vents and other exterior openings

  • May be used at the head, sill, chimney shoulder, pot shelves and parapets

  • May replace ordinary kraft paper or building wrap where extra protection is needed

WindowWrap® Butyl is quick and easy to install. No tars, glues or other fasteners are required - only a utility knife and hand roller.

WindowWrap® is protected by US Patent Nos. 6,479,119 and 6,627,017.

windowWrap® Butyl

ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
WindowWrap Butyl919044” x 100’628 lbs
MFM WindowWrap® Butyl

Roll Size: 4" x 100' (6 Rolls/Carton)
Sold by the carton only.