Roof Deck Tape™ is a self-adhering tape composed of a non-slip film coated with a BTS™ asphalt-based adhesive. The aggressive adhesive is protected by a disposable liner and self-seals around fasteners.

Use Roof Deck Tape to tape all joints and seams of a roof deck, preventing water from entering the structure. Once the joints and seams are taped, the roof may be covered with roofing felt, synthetic or self-adhering underlayment. Should the main roof fail, Roof Deck Tape will prevent water from entering the structure between the roof deck panels.

The aggressive Broad Temperature Spectrum™ asphalt-based adhesive used in Roof Deck Tape self-seals around roofing fasteners such as nails, screws and staples. Additionally, it readily sticks to plywood, OSB, rigid foam insulation, metal and other common roof deck materials.

Roof Deck Tape may also be used to prepare a substrate for Peel & Seal® by taping wider than normal joint and seam gaps. Roof Deck Tape is the easy and economical way to prevent water from leaking into the building between the roof deck panels!

Roof Deck Tape™

ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
Roof Deck Tape483044” x 67’952 lbs
483066" x 67'652 lbs
Roof Deck Tape 6" is a one pallet minimum order product.
MFM Roof Deck Tape™

Roll Size: 4" x 67' (9 Rolls/Carton)
Sold by the carton only.