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Black Wind & Water Seal™ is a 55 mil, self-adhesive mineral surface roofing underlayment, which is adhered directly to the roof deck. The specially formulated rubberized asphalt adhesive seals around nails and fasteners to form a waterproof barrier.

Black Wind & Water Seal™ is backed with a protective release liner which removes easily during application. The release liner is slit in the middle for easy valley applications. The sand surface contains a high-strength, non-woven fiberglass mat which is coated with a rubberized asphalt compound.

  • Sand is applied to the top surface for an improved walking surface

  • A selvedge edge allows for a secure seal on overlaps

  • Installs under shingles and shake roofing systems

  • Install in temperatures at or above 40°F

  • Prevents leaks due to ice dams and blowing rain

  • Can be used as a secondary water barrier

  • Adhesive will not crack or dry out

  • Self-seals around fasteners

  • Selvedge edge to secure a tight seal on overlaps

  • Minimum slope for installation is 2" per foot

  • May be left exposed for up to 90 days

Black Wind & Water Seal™ comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Black Wind & Water Seal™

ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
Black Wind & Water Seal47T5036” x 50’158 lbs