DeckWrap™ is a self-adhering waterproofing membrane that protects the surface of the wood with a layer of asphalt adhesive. A durable film protects the asphalt. The asphalt adhesive self-seals around nails, screws, punctures and other fasteners.

For Deck Installations: DeckWrap™ should be used as a flashing over the ledger board so that water will not enter the building. Use as a protective barrier to prevent rot, particularly between the decking and the joists.

For ACQ-Treated Lumber: 12” DeckWrap™ is recommended. ACQ-treated lumber can cause untreated metal components, such as hangers and other brackets, to corrode prematurely. DeckWrap™ provides a protective barrier between ACQ lumber and metal components.

For In-Ground Posts: Degradation of the wood is caused by fungal growth when the soil contacts the post. Even in a concrete base, fungi can degrade posts. Rot typically occurs up to six inches below grade. Fungal growth requires oxygen and moisture to thrive. DeckWrap™ acts as a barrier between the damp soil and the post preventing rot. Use 12” DeckWrap™ to protect posts.

DeckWrap comes in shrink-wrapped rolls with instructions for retail display. Roll sizes available are 3", 6" and 12" widths by 25' length.

DeckWrap comes with a 5-Year Warranty.


ProductProduct IDSizeUnits/CartonCarton Wt.
DeckWrap5401212” x 25’432 lbs
540066” x 25’832 lbs
540013” x 25’1632 lbs